Sports Overview

MAMS Cricket Academy

Our Sports Overview

“Sports not only builds better athletes; they also build better people.”

Life’s greatest lessons are learnt on the games field and sports create an equal opportunity to be different. At MAMS, Physical Education is an integral and daily part of the School routine. We strongly believe in the saying: “A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind”. 

All students are expected to play games regularly. The physical development of the student is well taken care of as they are exposed to various sports at MAMS. The vast expanse of open grounds bordered by trees is an open invitation to the students to step in and play. The physical education teachers have developed a sports curriculum. The students are taught the techniques and tricks of the games so that they can gradually move towards mastering the skills. Session plans are an imminent feature which are submitted by the Physical Education teachers.

The strategy changes for the students of the junior wing. They are exposed to free play for a long time. This allows muscle development well. The cognitive development is also enhanced. After some time, they start with the beginners steps that build their hand-eye coordination through activities such as kicking the ball or playing, throwing and catching balls, etc. The aim is to develop their concentration and gross motor skills at the right age.


All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialized coaches. School teams regularly participate in district, state and national level tournaments. The Sports Day is an annual event of importance, generating great excitement as a culmination of year-long inter-house sports and games competitions.

MAMS boasts a state of the art Cricket Academy which seeks to discover and nurture latent cricketing talent through innovative, scientific and advanced methodologies.

The games available at MAMS include –

Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Athletics, Chess, Carrok, Kabaddi, Kho – Kho, etc.

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