Activity 1 : Water Pollution

Water Pollution is a grave problem among all the nations. The students of Classes VII and VIII chose to study the level of pollution in the rivers of South Africa, Nepal, India and Japan. The students researched and made Canva presentation. They also learned about the indigenous methods to filter water.
The students later made Canva posters and put up a virtual exhibition on Facebook for people to leave their comments and concerns.
The presentation was also shared with the students of Government School Gauri Mafi and SDM School, Raiwala. This was done to spread awareness about water pollution in the rivers and ways to prevent it.
The project was undertaken under the aegis of British Council.
The teacher Incharges were-Mr Arjun Madhavankutty and Ms Priyanka Nautiyal.

Activity 2 : Migration

At MAMS, we strive to enable our students to be global citizens.

International School Award under the “British Council Supports Schools” in fostering an international ethos throughout the school and embedding it within the curriculum.

The students of class IX participated in this activity by researching about different causes of migration in India, Myanmar, Libya and Pakistan. They made PowerPoint presentations and speeches on the basis of the research they had done.

Activity 3 : Clean and Healthy Globe

At MAMS, we strive to enable our #students to be #global #citizens.
International School Award under the #britishcouncilsupports schools in fostering an international ethos throughout the school and embedding it within the curriculum.
We conducted an Inter House Competition “Best out of Waste ”
The objective of the activity was to upgrade #21stcenturyskills in the students and to acquire knowledge about #sustainable #environment.
The students from different houses came up with the following,
1. Pictures of waste Collection in their area and
present it on posters made in #Canva.
2. Videos of decomposition of plastic, metal, wood, etc.
3. A Powerpoint presentation-5-6 slides only on types of
waste generation in the country allotted to them and how it
4. An innovative idea to make something out of the waste
or to help in the disposal of waste.
The competition was judged by Mr Paremvir Malik, Mentor of Change, NITI Aayog, GoI.
Different houses explored different countries, namely #Nepal, #India, #Bangladesh and #SriLanka. Glimpses of the presentations and activities.

Activity 4 : Unit of Measurement

The students at MAMS studied measurement as part of the curricular activity.
They also learnt how length is measured in different countries like India, Japan, SriLanka and UAE.
The units of measurement is the same in all the countries.
The students also learnt how to measure the length of a room.
The teacher incharges were Ms Priyanka and Ms Geeta.
The activity is a part of the #britishcouncil International Dimensions in Schools Award

Activity 5- Vicious Circle of Poverty

The students of Grade XI of MAMS worked and researched on ways to reduce poverty among the nations of India, Madagascar, Bhutan and Nepal. They also collaborated with the students of Beacon Academy, Indonesia to showcase the presentations.
Ms Vidushi, CA was the guest on the occasion.
She appreciated the students for the amount of research done by them. She also explained ways in which poverty can be reduced. She spoke about certain government policies which is helping to reduce poverty in India.
The students also made Canva posters and put up a virtual exhibition on Facebook.
The project was undertaken under the aegis of British Council.
The teacher Incharge was-Mr Prerak Sharma

Activity 6 : Before the Floods

‘Before the floods’ is an activity which is conducted through the British Council. It is a part of the ISA award.
The students of classes VII and VIII participated in the activity. They researched about the natural disasters which occurred in India, UAE, UK and Nigeria.
MAMS had a collaboration with GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai.
The students of both the schools researched and came up with information related to the occurrence and the impact of human interference on the environment.

The project culminated with the presentation of data of both the school through on online zoom meeting.

International Day of Action for Rivers

Maa Anandmayee Memorial School observed the International Day of Action for Rivers.
The students at MAMS took up a remarkable initiative towards keeping the environment clean. In order to address the emerging cause of careless littering by locals and tourists outside the school campus , the students connected with the people and interacted with them on one to one basis. They tried to explain the negative consequences of throwing away the garbage in the open field on humans, flora and fauna. The students demonstrated their concern towards the cause by cleaning the patches outside the campus all by themselves.
The natives understood the issue  as well as the steps to be taken up by them. They promised to ensure that the natural landscape will be taken care of in the manner it should have been. The students picked up the litter from the banks of the rivulet which flows behind the school. The teachers were also a part of the project.
This project is a part of the International Dimensions in Schools Award by the British Council. It was conducted under Activity 7-Before the Floods. The teacher Incharges were Ms Priya, Ms Geeta, Mr Vinay, Mr Ajay and Ms Nupur Gupta who is a volunteer at school currently.