Boarding Overview


At MAMS boarding school we strive to ensure our students receive the best possible educational experience


Our school provides separate residential facilities for boys on campus. All of the hostels are well-equipped and provide all of the amenities necessary for children to live and grow in an environment that they recognise as their own.


The goal of our boarding facility is to deliver convenience rather than luxury. Each hostel comprises of four students sharing a room that is attractively decorated and purpose-built.


The entertainment area of the house is a great spot to play indoor games, watch TV, or listen to music. A special-duty teacher stays in the house and supervises roughly 30 kids, keeping a close watch on the children’s social and emotional development.


All teachers participate in guidance and support at the school and help students learn to take responsibility for one another’s well-being. Each boarding house has a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. We believe in providing our students with a sense of comfort and welcome parents to communicate with their children on a regular basis through phone calls and visits.

Our Rules :-

order to have a successful and prospective boarding school journey, it is important for students to uphold a sense of decorum. At MAMS, we achieve this by instilling a set of rules that ensure the safety and success of our students. 


  • A youngster is not permitted to accept visitors at school without the approval of his Housemaster. If the visitor is not a registered visitor, he should have an authorization letter from his parents or be known to a member of the teaching staff at the school.

  • Students will be permitted to leave with their parents for the day or overnight on fixed dates as outlined in the annual calendar, with written notification to the child’s Housemaster/Mistress.

  • A student may visit his local guardians as per the visiting guidelines with written permission from his parents to the concerned Housemaster.

  • Parents or Local Guardians are only permitted to take the child out once or twice a month, and only on specific Sundays or School holidays, at the Principal’s discretion.

  • We only let a student out during the school year for the weddings of blood brothers or sisters. Cousins, even those from the same family, do not qualify. If we have advance notice and clear travel instructions, the child is allowed to spend two nights at home plus travel time on such occasions.

  • No boy can borrow money from his L.G. without the knowledge of his Housemaster.

  • Visits to the home for bereavement or serious illness in the family will be allowed at the Principal’s discretion.

  • Parents and L.G.s should not go around the residences on their own unless the Housemaster has given them permission.

Life at MAMS Boarding School

Hostel living instils confidence and allows one to become self-sufficient. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build lifelong friendships. We at MAMS think that students should be given the best possible environment and resources so that they can learn the benefits of community living, the joy of sharing, and the importance of working together to achieve common life goals.


The best aspect about hostel life is that it helps students develop their ethics and fundamental beliefs. In hostel life, individual distinctions are minimized, while group dynamics are cultivated. It prepares students to compete in today’s competitive and demanding environment.


Boarders are spoiled because they get the best of everything, including special lectures and coaching from visiting professors for competitive examinations, sports, and other extracurricular activities.


We believe in bringing an overall development to our students. Personality development and career counseling programmes are created and conducted precisely for their overall growth. Boarders are regularly brought out into nature for adventurous activities such as rock climbing, rafting, skiing, and trekking.