Indoor Sports Auditorium

Indoor Sports Auditorium

At MAMS we have an indoor sports facility that includes a multi-use sports hall with markings for badminton, volleyball, and indoor cricket net practise, but the space can be utilized for anything.


Our indoor sports auditorium is a multi-purpose space that can accommodate a variety of indoor sports and activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, cricket, and more. The auditorium is a safe and convenient place for athletes to practise and compete in a variety of sports. Rain or other circumstances will not be able to impact the indoor games and activities because the hall is well-covered on all sides.


The arena is primarily utilised for volleyball matches and has a seating capacity of more than 150 people.


It can also host a variety of games and activities such as Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Handball, Tennis, Table Soccer, Gymnastics, Dance Events, Musical Concerts, Documentary Shows, Drama and Theatre, and so on. MAMS  Indoor Auditorium hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to help students reach their full potential, such as the Inter-School Volleyball Competition held every year.

The Importance of Our Indoor Sports Auditorium

Sports are a terrific way to get some exercise and keep our bodies in shape. However, weather conditions frequently disrupt regular sports meetings with friends. We are sometimes compelled to cancel a weekend game due to weather, or we choose not to play because exposure to the sun’s rays may cause skin harm. Indoor sports allow us to participate on a daily basis without having to worry about the weather or the harmful effects of the sun on our health.


Indoor sports facilities have smooth and well-maintained courts that ensure the safety of athletes. Spectator facilities are also wonderful and allow friends and family to sit on the sidelines and watch us play.


An indoor location provides adequate illumination, a climate-controlled atmosphere, and the necessary equipment.


Indoor sports eliminate all of the issues and constraints that come with outside sports. We won’t have to cancel games due to inclement weather, and you’ll be able to play in comfort in a regulated atmosphere.


The design concept of the MAMS Indoor Sports Auditorium originated from our drive to create a safe space for our students to enjoy sports and performing arts without concerning themselves with obstacles such as the weather and its impact on our field. 


The MAMS Indoor Sports Auditorium has a distinctive and well-crafted design. The entire construction is composed of well-selected and treated materials, demonstrating the possibilities of this unique natural resource, in keeping with the school’s main objective as a green institution.


Two engineers calculated the loads, tensions, and shear pressures meticulously and developed the structure using 21st-century engineering standards. Our design creates a setting that is both spacious and intimate. The roof also has openings that allow for ventilation. These apertures also allow adequate light to enter.