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Donate Now

Thank you for supporting MAMS. This is an opportunity to share in the creation of a positive future in whatever way works for you. You may not be ready to hop on a plane and join us here, but you can still help by sponsoring one of our ongoing projects even design one of your own!

“ God has been kind enough, enjoy the pleasure of giving!”

Shri Ram Panjwani (Founder of MAMS)

People from all walks of life have been supporting us from time to time. With each such support, something new and wonderful becomes possible. A few years ago we weren’t able to organize events of such magnitude, but thanks to relentless support of companies like ACC Cement Ltd., Bharat Petroleum and other philanthropic individuals we are able to pull them off with ease. We have received help to host most of our sports tournaments, the inter-school dance and painting competitions etc and so on. Many people around the world have appreciated our good work and voluntarily come up with so many creative ways to help us.

We invite you to come up with your unique way to help us. Please decide where you want your gift to be used, whether for the education of the underprivileged, fund for access to excellence – where needed, student enrichment, student sponsorship, student scholarship awards, infrastructure development or towards sports/extra curricular events.


You can support MAMS by making a larger gift for a specific purpose. Please email the Director of MAMS ( or to discuss where your gift can best be used. You can make the difference in a child’s future. So little goes such a long way to change lives from poverty and despair to prosperity and promise.

Click the link below to express your interest in supporting us. Your contributions are eligible to tax benefits under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

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