A Note From The Principal

Principal’s Message
“Education Breeds Confidence. Confidence Breeds Hope. Hope Breeds Peace.”

Education has moved out of the boundaries of bricks and mortar and has encompassed the entire world in its wake. It has been a key factor in the development and progress of human civilization.

MAMS was established in 1985 and ever since it has relentlessly strived to provide a student-centred learning approach. It provides an enigmatic blend of co-curricular and academics. Our students reflect the approach and demeanour of promising millennials. Creativity and intelligence are fostered and reared with great respect by the faculty members.

The persona of every child is chiselled with individual attention and empathy. The talents and feats of students are suitably acknowledged with awards and certificates to motivate them and encourage other students at the same time. With the turn of the decade, MAMS adopted the International approach to its curriculum. The school spreads awareness about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The staff and students are conscious about each step that they take to help achieve these global goals.

There are programs running for an eco-friendly approach to nurture an empathetic spirit towards nature. Well-blended initiatives are introduced to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and design thinking skills among the students. They nurture their dreams and they are fostered to achieve them through time management and goal setting skills. With the support of the Atal Innovation Lab, concepts like robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence as well as other contemporary devices like drones or microprocessors have become a play for the students. Their curious spirit is nurtured carefully here and they are encouraged to fail and learn from their mistakes. They thrive in an environment that supports free enquiry, exploration and experimentation.

The student community is thriving because adequate professional development programs are taken up by the school. The teaching methodology involves taking practical aspects to class. Experiential learning, activity-based learning, and project-based learning form the base of our teaching methodology. Integrating technology into teaching effectively is also one of our major focus areas and is of course the need of the hour. The team helps us to spell SUCCESS in every venture that we pursue.

We are grateful to the management for their continuous support in the form of infrastructure, technical assistance and encouragement to take up any venture. The personality of the children is shaped collaboratively by the triangle which has parents, teachers and the child himself/herself occupying the three edges. Hence, I am grateful to the parents for their continuous support which provides us the encouragement to continue striving in our mission.

We always strive to protect the legacy of MAMS to serve the underserved and marginalized to help bring about educational equity and create social impact through our community development initiatives. We take pride in our efforts to churn out brilliant, vibrant and intellectual alumni who realize their civic duties and global responsibilities.

I am confident that MAMSians will emerge as world leaders who go on to challenge the status quo bringing about the necessary changes that are required across the globe.

Kesar Patel