Our Publications

In this media-barraged world, writing skills, turn of phrase and succinctly put together information are of great importance. We at MAMS believe that knowledge is a never-ending process and hence there should be no dearth of reading material for our students. We publish a monthly newsletter raptly titled “The MAMS Tabloid” which gives an overview of various activities conducted in school over a month. It is MAMS’ newspaper.

The Tabloid also encompasses various articles by students/staff members on diverse themes, interviews, opinion polls and caricatures etc. We are thinking of increasing the frequency to an issue for each quarter so that students get more opportunity to hone their writing skills. The Tabloid is written, edited and published by the students themselves which allows them to imbibe journalistic skills sets and develop managerial qualities.


Besides this, the school also publishes an Annual Yearbook known as ‘Mamritam’. Mamritam, written and edited by the students, has been in existence since 1985 and is much awaited at the end of each year. We are also working on publications from the Hindi, Math and Science departments which will be released in the near future.

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