Ground Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art lush green Cricket Ground with 3 turf wickets, which facilitates practice for, advanced sliding/diving and other techniques associated with fielding.
  • Studio Style Pavilion with Modern Amenities.
  • Top-of-the-line gymnasium for cardiovascular and weight training.
  • Practice nets facility including turf, concrete, matting and synthetic wickets. We also have portable nets to do open net practice on center wickets.
  • Automated roller, grass cutter, and sliding pitch cover.
  • Water-sprinkler system
  • Sight-screen on both ends.
  • Table-Tennis table for hand-eye coordination
  • On-campus accommodation for outstation teams, parents, guests, and coaches with provision for healthy & sumptuous dining facility in the dining hall as well as the pavilion.
  • Latest sports equipment
  • Health & Medical care facilities

Infrastructure Development :-

  • Provision for Floodlights to play day/night matches as well as to facilitate practice post sunset.
  • Indoor net-practice facility to facilitate practice during the monsoons.
  • Stump-vision Cameras and Snick-o-meters.
  • Software for ball-by-ball analysis and simulation.
  • Resource Center cum Library for Video Analysis, press conferences, screening motivational films and presentations.

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