Our Medicare

The school has provisions for an infirmary manned by a qualified Nursing Sister, Compounder and a full time resident Doctor. At the beginning of each term, each child has to undergo a routine medical examination and a fixed amount per student is charged for that.
All medicines, pathological tests, X-Rays, specialist consultations, surgical treatment and hospitalization are provided for. The School’s liability extends to and includes the amount of insurance and the balance in case of major illness treatment is billed to students.
Regular medical examination, dental and eye examination are carried out by the school. Haridwar & Rishikesh are well equipped for medical attention and a number of specialists in various skills are located here and the school has a good liaison with them. For those eligible, there is a first class Military Hospital about two kilometers away

Infirmary Rules :-

  • Other than in an emergency, all students are expected to meet the doctor after Breakfast or during break for necessary consultation.
  • Decorum should be maintained by students waiting to see the doctor or the Sister, and by those visiting in patients.
  • Students wanting to get excused from a class/activity, to visit the infirmary must first take a chit from their class teacher and then have it countersigned by the Housemaster.
  • No one is allowed to visit the hospital after dinner for any treatment except in case of an emergency. Students must only visit the hospital during the allotted time before dinner.

Medical Leave :-

Students should bring a letter of appointment with the dentist for any regular visit, which is permitted only once a term. For a follow, the student will be sent to the School Dentist and if the school dentist is unable to fix it, only then will the child be sent home to the Dentist.