Academics Overview


Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the guidelines of the above-mentioned domains which are considered supreme in education. We have carefully chosen textbooks which are aligned to the guidelines of these agencies.

We follow a textbook based curriculum in the school but the educators align it according to their learning objectives. The curriculum resonates with the education philosophy adopted by the school. We deliver dynamic learning experiences by using different teaching methods which include project-based learning, community-based learning, experiential learning, and authentic learning, among others.

A holistic and all-round development approach can be seen in the curriculum adopted by the school. Hence the children are exposed to different academic based programmes also.

NEP 2020

With NEP 2020 coming in, the curriculum was moulded to fit in the requirements that are foreseen in the near future: Skill-based learning, robotics, Coding and a comprehensive approach towards entrepreneurship finds a place in our curriculum.

The teaching pedagogy very well reflects the futuristic trends and dynamic versatility to give a learner centric approach so that we can foster student-led classrooms.

XSEED Curriculum

The XSEED Academic Program is a boon to the students and teachers, alike. It is observed that this program builds thinking and problem-solving skills in children. XSEED makes our students unafraid to speak up and write in their own words. They become inquisitive and ask more questions. In short, the students are being equipped with 21st century skills (particularly communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration) that are key to their empowerment.

The students enjoy the activities that are conducted in every class as their textbooks are very creative and vibrant. A workbook is also provided across subjects that include questions catering to the students’ higher order thinking skills in addition to the other questions.

As far as the teachers are concerned, they are equipped with time bound lesson plans that cater to the 5 A’s – Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. This has initiated a paradigm shift in the teaching- learning process at MAMS where there is no scope for rote learning.