Extra Curricular Overview

Our Extra Curricular Overview

Student life at MAMS goes beyond the realms of the classroom. MAMS strongly supports and provides multifarious opportunities for student learning beyond academics. We encourage student involvement in all spheres of life so as to build leadership qualities in them, to inculcate in them a passion for extracurricular activities, to develop in them a true spirit for community service, and to enhance their creative expression so as to help them reach their highest potential as productive, positive and progressive human beings.


Extra-curricular activities:

”Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.”  – Louise Nevelson


MAMS has collaborated with AFS to conduct different intercultural programs. As part of YES scholarship, Saksham Ghildiyal, a student from MAMS is studying in United States of America for the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program, which is a 100% scholarship program fully supported by the U.S. Department of State. The Global Leadership and Education Foundation (tGELF) partners with AFS India to initiate this programme for the students by providing them first hand experience to study in the United States of America for one year.


Collaborations: As part of the AFS exchange programme, MAMS collaborated with Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad for a cultural and educational exchange. The exchange took place in four parts where the students and teachers prepared, performed and presented different aspects of the cultures where the schools are located ie-Uttarakhand and Hyderabad.


Intercultural Exchange: MAMS organisedan Intercultural Quiz Competition for all the AFS member schools. Around 50 schools participated in the quiz competition.

Interact Club

MAMS started this club in  collaboration with Rotary Haridwar, Interact Club was installed in the school on 15 December 2021. Students in the age range of 12 years to 18 years become members of this club. This club aims to promote student leadership and service above self. The students take up projects to serve the community. They reach up to the people who are in need and try to help them.


They also discover new cultures and promote international understanding. Of course having fun and making friends around the world is an important part of this club.


Celebrate the global impact of interact by getting involved in


  1. World Interact Week.
  2. Interact video awards.
  3. Rotary youth at the United Nation.
  4. Global Youth Service Day.


Interactors at MAMS volunteered to teach the students of the government school at Gauri Mafi as part of their community service programme.


The duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global framework for non-formal education. The students from the age group of 14 years to 24 years enroll in this programme.


As part of this programme, the students practice a skill and volunteer for a period of six months. Then they are eligible for a bronze or silver medal. They also attend an overnight camp to hone their skills further.


The students of MAMS also set their own goals and achieve their target to win bronze and silver medals.

Our Art Society

Students are trained by experts to develop their skills in all dimensions of still arts such as sketching, painting, poster making, sculpture & pottery, woodcraft, needlework, tie & die, batik etc. We organize an Inter-School On-the-spot Painting Competition at the Junior Wing in which a large number of schools from Haridwar, Rishikesh & Dehradun participate with great enthusiasm. The Open Art Gala in Senior Wing is a regular feature, which aims to reward the artistic creativity of our students.


A special feature of the art club at MAMS is recycling all the waste items using art. From chairs to computer monitors, each piece of scrap is converted into an artifact!

Our Yoga Society

Yoga brings together mind, body and breath to produce perfect balance within us and can be the perfect addition to the school curriculum.  In today’s rushed lifestyle, Yoga can be the perfect addition to school curriculum as it can help children keep their minds calm and grow holistically. The students at MAMS are given a regular practice in Yoga and meditation by Yoga experts. International Yoga Day is celebrated to hone in the importance of this ancient Indian Art.

Our Music Society

Students are provided training by skilled maestros in Indian as well as Western Music. We believe that music can lift our hearts in one breath and hence we leave no stone unturned in promoting music. Students can choose Indian Classical as well as light music and at the same time pursue western instruments like the guitar or drums. The students have composed the school song themselves. The Music Society organizes the following events :-


  • Patriotic Song Competition on 15th August
  • Group Song (Choir) Competition
  • Percussion Ensemble Competition
  • Western Band Competition etc.

Our Panache (The Dance Club)

The school has excellent facilities and faculty for developing dance skills. Students, girls as well as boys, enjoy participating in classical, folk, western and other type of dances. Inter-House Group & Solo Dance Competitions are the most awaited competition on the campus. Many students in the last few years have given excellent performances at the Inter-School Folk Dance Competition organized by our school.


MAMS takes great pride in its troupe of dancers who are specially invited to perform at the Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation (THDC) India Ltd. Annual Day Celebrations year after year.

Our Literary Society

Various literary and cultural activities are planned to go along with the academic programme providing ample opportunities to the pupils in developing their inborn talents. The Extra-Curricular activities are organized under the aegis of various clubs/societies, which organize the following events :-


Literary Society:


This society has two wings – the English Literary Society (ELS) & the Hindi Literary Society (HLS) respectively. The Literary Societies organize the following events in English and Hindi: –


  • Debating Competitions
  • Declamation Competitions
  • Essay Writing Competitions
  • Spell Bee Competitions


The literary society is also responsible for contributions to the MAMS Tabloid, The Yearbook and other school publications.

Our Dramatics Society

The Dramatics Society also has two wings – the English Dramatics Society & the Hindi Dramatics Society. The English Dramatics Society performs Shakespearean plays as well as dance dramas. The Hindi Dramatics Society performs mythological plays, light comedies as well at street plays in the local vicinity to make people aware about important issues that concern the public at large. Students are encouraged to handle the scripting, editing, direction & production of plays by themselves. Both societies organize an Inter-House Skit Competition on didactic themes.

Our Quiz Club

Quizzing is becoming quite popular and has developed its own unique flavor. It not only improves general awareness but also improves the sharpness of mind by developing a spirit of inquiry. The following quizzes are conducted at MAMS :-


  • G.K. Quiz
  • Math Quiz
  • Science Quiz
  • Commerce Quiz
  • Humanities Quiz
  • Sports Quiz

Our Waste Warriors Club

The Waste Warriors Club organizes a wide array of activities concerning the flora and fauna. It celebrates all-important environmental days such as Earth Day, Water Day, Soil Day, and Pollution Day, etc. as per United Nations conventions. The motive is to sensitize the community about problems associated with each aspect on that particular day.


The Waste Warriors club organizes awareness drives/rallies in association with the Dramatics Society on a regular basis. It also has a weather reporting division that updates the weather forecast of the day on the weather board for the benefit of the entire MAMS fraternity. They also organize tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives, recycling projects as well as nature walks across the local area. Noted environmentalists visit MAMS often to deliver lectures on environment conservation and associated topics.


We have started with various initiatives like Plastic Gullak and Plastic Vapsi Fee Vapsi. The students are encouraged to bring waste plastic from home and deposit it in the school. It is further sent for recycling to the Gati Foundation.

Our Photography Club

Photography is a wonderful hobby as it keeps memories alive and helps us in reminiscing the good old days. A picture speaks a thousand words and hence the school is developing an archives section wherein photographs of all events will be archived in a yearly album. The students themselves click all such photographs and the best ones are part of the Annual Exhibitions during Founder’s Day. With the advancement in technology photography has become a relatively easier hobby to pursue with the help of digital cameras. We invite professional photographers to conduct photography workshops for interested students from time to time.

Our Bits ‘N’ Bytes Computer Club

Apart from normal work on the computer, students are also trained in Digital Cartoon Making, C++ Programming, Video Making, Multi-Media and PowerPoint Presentations etc. We also invite professionals to conduct special workshops on growing fields like webpage designing, graphics, animation, and visual effects.


We have introduced Electronics through our partnership with ‘Construkt’, which conducts workshops and provides material to students for making project models on appliances we see in day-to-day life, for example – traffic signal, solar light etc. Students are practically able to understand the functioning of such items by making their models themselves. We are planning to introduce robotics into the curriculum shortly.


These activities are organized within the school and the talented students / teams are sent to other schools / forums for inter-school competitions.

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