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    As regards cricket, we seek to achieve our objectives through the following methodology:-


    • By inculcating and infusing the spirit of dedication, discipline, gracefulness, sincerity, and respect towards the game.
    • By providing students a level and impartial playing field bereft of any politics in sports.
    • By inviting best coaches from India and abroad for guest lectures from time to time.
    • By providing indispensable match exposure to our students by organizing friendly matches/competitive events at our ground as well as competing in reputed tournaments across the globe.
    • By associating with like-minded organizations for the furtherance of our objectives through rapid infrastructure development
    • By establishing a harmonic environment of mutual cooperation and development to jointly promote cricket and other sports.
    • By developing and implementing a pan-India sustainable and affordable education model that can be emulated.
    • By encouraging, acknowledging and rewarding the performances of meritorious students through our CSR Program as per the ideal of our revered Founder.
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