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Support Overview

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MAMS invites you to join with us in offering Education for a World of Difference to our diverse and vibrant student community.

MAMS offers a rich and varied programme – but we can always do more. Our students and faculty are brimful of ideas for enriching the curriculum, and every year we add something new – from robotics to improved eco friendly practices to enhance internationalism. Support us by enriching the lives of our students.

MAMS has exciting plans for the next few years, with a radical improvement of our facilities, the development of a centre for innovation, an increasingly diverse student community, and an opportunity to make a significant impact on our community in the Himalayas. Support us by investing in MAMS’ future.

Share Your Expertise

We love to have Alumni, former staff and any other friends of MAMS share their expertise in a broad range of areas. It impacts the students beyond measure! Please email if you wish to know more about how you might be able to hold a workshop at School.

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