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    Safety & Security

    The campus is patrolled by armed and unarmed guards round the clock. Every individual including staff has to go through a Standard Security Check Procedure while entering or exiting through the any of the gates. The entire length of the boundary wall of the campus is covered with concertina wires that prevent any unauthorized persons/intruders or even unwanted substances from entering the school campus.
    We have sufficient number of CCTV cameras across campus to capture footage of anyone and everyone who enters or leaves the campus.

    Boys Boarding House:

    While for safety, security and discipline, a security guard and watchmen do their duty inside the House, sufficient armed guards remain vigilant outside the Boys Houses throughout the day and night.

    Visiting Rules

    Local guardians, if any, or visiting parents are not allowed to take the child home without prior permission of the housemasters/Wardens. A list of local guardians/probable visitors with their photographs and contact details has to be provided at the time of joining school.

    Leave Rules

    Students are expected to obtain prior permission of their housemaster to leave the school campus.
    While out of school, students must be dressed in “going-out” uniform as specified in the uniform rules.
    Before leaving and on returning to the house, students must enter the appropriate details in the “outing register”.

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