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    One of the basic philosophies of this School is our emphasis on total equality amongst our students. This is very important in promoting a sense of community and togetherness and eliminates any financial distinction between the children.


    Equality is practiced in many ways – the same food eaten by all boarders (including the staff), the same uniform, the same living conditions, the same text books and note books, the same equipment and facilities for games and hobbies, the same discipline and so on.

    This is why we are careful not to permit any signs of affluence amongst students and do not allow Mobile phones, laptops, digital tablets and any other expensive item on campus. We are sure no one cant fault this policy and parents are therefore requested to ensure that their child is not allowed to carry to School any items of value.

    By the same token, we consider “School Uniform” very significant. This is why we have a printed “Clothes List” which clearly specifies what the school will supply and what can be brought from home. Please note that the items on the School Supply List must not be sent from home even if similar apparel is available in the child’s wardrobe, especially school track-suits, pullovers, ties, belts etc.

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