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    Education in times of COVID Pandemic

    online education

    Education in times of COVID Pandemic

    “In crisis, it is acceptable to have more questions than answers.

    In crisis, there is no room for ‘not invented here. In crisis, we should all be learners.”


    Yes, it is the pandemic.

    Yes, these are unprecedented times.

    Yes, the problems are surging.

    Yes, it is difficult to communicate and teach.

    But who will deny that there is no hope?


    There are numerous challenges but the hope is to keep learning and constantly striving to upgrade our skills and educate children. Give your best. Stopping and giving up is not the key. Taking the bull by the horns is the attitude that every teacher has adopted and they must keep it up!

    After one year of studying online, the students have adapted to the new learning methods. They are more comfortable now with any new app which is introduced to them. The students have also learnt to balance their Screen time. The schools are covering a plethora of activities for the students. They are also balancing the academics and activities to a great extent so that the best of the blend can be offered to the students.

    ‘The best education is not given to the students, it is drawn out of them.’-Gerald Belcher

    Personalised learning is a concept which is fast emerging and catching pace with every student. Whenever the students don’t understand or miss out on a concept due to network issues, they are taking to Google to find out more about what they missed out. This is promoting self-learning on its own. With the onset of online learning, the students are researching more and so they are learning more.

    During these times, the teachers are also willing to learn and adopt new technologies. Simultaneously, they are empathetic towards the children and their problems.

    ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET has brought everything within reach of the students and teachers.

    Everything is available at the click of a button. This is truer now than ever before. But teachers and students are acting cautiously before hitting that button.

    The corridors have gone empty but Virtual rooms have come alive with talking, interaction, teaching, learning, exchanging ideas, debating, advocating, presenting, etc.

    We are all looking ahead to a hopeful and bright future where the students will move in the campuses without any fear or a mask once more. The teachers will have lively chats in the staffrooms over a cup of coffee. Where the peons will rush in and out with circulars to be signed for certain deadlines to be met.

    Until then let’s keep teaching.

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