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MR. K.B. Kachru

KB Kachru

It has been my privilege to be associated with MAMS from its very inception. The school is dedicated to offering quality high school education to children from both rural and urban areas. This allows them to flourish in an inclusive environment as they learn to acknowledge, respect and celebrate differences as part of everyday life. The school is located in a unique & pristine environment, which is perfect for both teaching and learning. Students cannot excel unless they are polished by good
teachers, and at MAMS education is delivered with creative approaches by trained teachers, who are truly dedicated to their profession.

Over the years MAMS has been deeply entrenched in the process of building
excellent infrastructure and sports facilities, both needed to create an outstanding institution. Building a world class institution is a gradual and painstaking process, and the promoters of the school have been tirelessly dedicated to this cause.

Wishing all current & prospective students the very best in their pursuit for education.

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