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House System

In a day cum residential public school, the House System has a special relevance. Not only is each house an autonomous unit under the care of tutors who act as House Wardens, it is a structured community that helps to develop a spirit of loyalty, responsibility, leadership and healthy competition among students.

The students are guided, encouraged and enriched for competitions best suited to their aptitudes by able and responsible house master/mistresses and teachers. House Captains and all other Student Officials in MAMS are students who have poise, confidence and the ability to take initiative. Their views are encouraged and they are given authority and esponsibility.

House System

The school is divided into four houses, which compete on the sports field and in a wide variety of other disciplines such as dance, music, debating, quizzing, and dramatics, amongst others. Every student on admission is placed in one of these houses randomly. Each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains, and by House Prefects.

The four houses are named after various mountain ranges found in India each having a different symbol (most commonly found Animal in that range), colour and motto. (Give images of the flags like in WGS website)



1. Aravali House      Red   Energy. Power. Motivation
2. Nilgiri House      Green Growth. Balance. Harmony
3. Shivalik House     Sky Blue Integrity. Peace. Sincerity
4. Vindhya House      Yellow Love. Joy. Wisdom

Class on Duty for Assembly


There will be daily morning assembly from Monday to Saturday.
Assemblies will be presented house wise and class wise with each class responsible for entire assembly, rotation wise.

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