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Cricket Academy



Cricket is more than just a sport in India. The competition is cut throat and unparalleled in this closely followed and much celebrated game. We do believe that MAMS possesses that much-needed landscape coupled with the finest training facility for your child to pursue this sport here. We endeavor to provide your child every possible ingredient that is needed to transform him from just a passionate or potential cricketer to a successful one.


Each individual has his/her own set of talent, ability and behavior which leads to varied playing styles, thought process and in turn varied match temperaments. Not everyone is meant to smash the ball out of the park once too often like Sehwag and not everyone is meant to be the impermeable wall like Dravid. One is assisted by his supreme hand-eye coordination and the other is blessed with tremendous grit and patience. To sum it up, each one of us has his own strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT). SWOT Analysis is the guiding principle at MAMS, which helps us, cash in on each player’s strength by utilizing the available opportunities, by improving upon the weaknesses and at the same time mitigating threats. We intend to treat each player differently and systematically design an appropriate training schedule for each one of our trainees through our ‘one to one approach’.

We cannot create talent, as it is god gifted and innate. Once discovered, we can nurture or hone it through a reliable and efficient support system that will allow your child to bloom as an accomplished sportsman. You will know more about our unique training methodologies as you continue to read on.

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