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Given below are links of 2 forms for international & domestic on Cricket India academy website. I would rather club them into one because the only difference is that one has drop down option for Indian states and the other has option to select your country first. I hope you get my point. We can give a field for country and then for state in one form only.


Also, there are a few changes which I would want you to make :-


  • Wherever school is written I also wanted academy/club with it.
  • I do not need the school board.
  • I need a field for school/academy/club address
  • In team age group I need a field for “Open” after Under-19.
  • Give me a field for total number of teams.
  • Give me a field for total number of players.
  • I need a field for preferred dates for booking, i.e. like you see on a travel/hotel side when we book tickets. Give me that calendar option where we can click and select dates from when to when.
  • When the form gets submitted, you can put a message saying “We will check ground availability on the dates mentioned by you and get back to you asap”
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