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This is our first publication for 2019 dedicated to the MAMS Junior Wing Annual Day. It is rightly named Akaar, which means ‘to give shape’, and we at MAMS are putting all efforts in shaping our children for a bright future wherein they can face tomorrow’s challenges with élan.


This publication is a complied contribution from all our students in the Junior Wing. “I have had the good fortune to study at some renowned institutions in my time at school and college. During my recent MBA program and experiences abroad, I was exposed to modern innovations and educational technology that enable students to access various didactic resources within a click of a button. The e-library facilitated unabated access so that I could refer to journals and papers published by scholars from across the world. It is with this vision that I, at the helm of MAMS, want to expose our children to multitude platforms that aid, enhance, and democratise that availability of quality education today.”

Image Caption: Unveiling the Annual Day issue of ‘Akaar’ by Chief Guest Dr. Rajendra Singh, Guest of Honour Mr. Rishi Miglani, Director Arpit Panjwani, Principal Ritwiz Gaur, Headmistress Mrs. Amita Ohri and the management.

Image Caption: Mrs. Amita Ohri, Headmistress JW with her team of Teachers

Akaar is not just a selection of articles. It is a platform for showcasing a child’s literary ability and also for nurturing it. There will be umpteen students who will be writing for the publication for the very first time. There will also be selected children who will assist the teachers on the editorial board to put all thoughts and articles in an aesthetic and compelling manner. Going forward, I expect much more content from the entire MAMS fraternity, given the fact that students can feel proud and joyous to see their work being appreciated and printed for all to see.


The Junior Wing Headmistress Mrs. Amita Ohri says “Akaar, our school magazine is a symbol of pride and a miniature representation of our school.  Along with academics, students are encouraged to participate in games and athletics, art and craft, music and dance, yoga, dramatics, and various other activities. All these achievements are seen in Akaar.”

As per Principal Ritwiz Gaur “To my mind students from a good school make a significant mark by their performance and “an aristocracy of service, not of wealth, privilege or position”. Such a spirit and culture at Maa Anandmayee Memorial School brought me to this wonder land – not only a Dev Bhoomi (by virtue of the name itself) but also an effective educational institute which is striving for innovation and excellence- so that together with effective involvement of all stake holders we will produce global leaders who are not only well equipped to take future challenge but are deeply rooted in Indian ethos and culture.  In furthering this thought, Akaar is a wonderful initiative of students, to whom I wish good luck!”


This newsletter is also an update on school events and various activities that take place through the academic term. It is our endeavour to keep our parents informed of all that the students pursue in school.

In the coming months, there will be a monthly edition of Akaar and it will be uploaded here on the school blog. I invite all students and parents from both Junior and Senior section of the school to interact with us here on the blog. 


Read: Akaar – Annual Day Issue – February 2019


Please do leave your comments, feedback and any valid input for us. 
This is an added way to communicate with the MAMS community beyond the campus.


~Arpit Panjwani, Director, MAMS 

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